Biography of Lucy J. Bates
      Lucy Bates was born in Naksup, British Columbia, 1939, and grew up on a small farm in Fruitvale, BC.  Her mother was a painter and taught her to see the beauty that was in her environment.  Lucy has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was a child.  She majored in art in high school and after graduation attended the Vancouver School of Art.
      After art school Lucy married and, with her husband and young son, left British Columbia for Edmonton, Alberta, where her husband earned his degree in psychology.  Over the next twenty years his work would take his family to Grand Prairie AB, the Tongan Islands in the South Pacific, Cranbrook BC, Blaine WA, American Fork UT, Mississauga ON, and Calgary AB and back to beautiful BC.  She bore ten children and did some painting as time permitted.  Occasionally she and her husband would go out sketching together.  When her last child was old enough, she felt that she could again take steps forward with her art in some way.  She discovered and developed a passion for watercolour and worked in that medium until 2010.  She returned to oil painting and found herself enjoying that medium as well giving her a little more freedom to express herself.  Oils are much more forgiving than watercolour.
      1957   Vancouver School of Art - Composition, drawing, design, sculpture,
                  commercial design, pottery, and oil painting
      1990   Peel Board of Education (Ontario) - Twelve-week watercolour course
      1998-2001   Three years of watercolour studies at Swinton Art Studios
                           Art Lessons Unlimited (Calgary)
      2001   Brent Laycock - Watercolour
      2002   Sharon Lynn Williams - Plein Air Watercolour
      2002   Jean Pederson - Watermedia
      2003   Jim Brager - Watercolour
      2005   Jean Pederson - Painting the Figure
      2006   CSPWC Art Symposium:  
                     Plein Air, Larry Cromwell
                     Painting on YUPO, Karen Richter
                     Perspective, Anthony Patten
                     Composition, Tim Packer 
                     Abstracted Watercolour with Ray Catell 
      2010   Gaye Adams - Introductory Oils
      2011   Brent Laycock - Understanding Acrylics
      2011   Kiff Holland - Watercolour
      2011   Mike Svob - Acrylics/Oils 
      2012   Liz Wiltzen - Oils 
      2001 - 2003   Federation of Canadian Artists - Calgary Chapter
                              - 6 juried shows
      2002 - 2003   Calgary Artists Society - 4 juried shows
      2002 - 2003   Interpretations Artists' Association - 7 non-juried shows
      2009              Federation of Canadian Artists - West Kootenay Chapter 
                              - 1 juried show
      2009 - 2011   Federation of Canadian Artists - Vancouver and
                               West Kootenay Chapter - 8 juried shows
      2012              Federation of Canadian Artists - Vancouver and
                                West Kootenay Chapter - accepted in 2 juried shows 
      2001   Calgary Chapter - Third Best in Show - "Small Town"
      2009   Chapters Only (Vancouver) - Rene Thibault Award, First Prize -
                  "A Day in the Sun"
      2009   Landscapes (Vancouver) - Award of Excellence - "Ever Changing"
      2011   West Kootenay Chapter - Award of Excellence - "A Frosty Friday"
      In 2011 Lucy aught a watercolour workshop in Lethbridge, AB.    She is currently working in oils and loving it.  She expresses gratitude for the many artists and instructors who have had a great impact on her work.
       2012   West Kootenay Chapter FCA Juried Show - People's Choice Award
                   - "Purple Cows"